Why Donate?

Celebrating 50 years Planning for the Next

NAA serves practitioners who care for nature in order to protect biodiversity.

Why? Because expanding access to quality science and resources equips practitioners to address challenges, like climate disruption, on ecosystem health. 

Every gift makes a difference.

You can advocate for on-the-ground land and water management natural areas practitioners in need of increased knowledge and resources to preserve the conservation values on the land in their care. Please offer a gift before December 31st.

No amount is too small. Like the science of conservation, it is the culmination of little actions that will make a big difference. However, nothing will change if we do not act.

Please join your colleagues in supporting the next generation of natural areas practitioners and the protection of natural areas; which are essential to sustaining life on earth.

The challenges are mounting ....

Natural areas practitioners are actively working to address these issues - but they need access to the latest science, methodologies, and innovative practices.

  • Invasive species
  • Endangered invertebrates
  • Disappearing native plants 
  • Climate disruption 
  • Preparing for and recovery from catastrophic events 
  • and there are so many more ...

Natural areas professionals face mounting challenges, just like the natural areas they protect. They are the ones on the front lines, fighting for the health of ecologically significant landscapes and the species that depend on them. They need our support!

Invest in the future!

NAA exists to support the natural areas practitioner community. That‘s our entire focus. Your gift is an investment in natural areas professionals and the future of the natural areas they protect.


Join the people who protect and manage our natural areas.