Matthew Betts

Professor, Oregon State University
HJ Andrews, Oregon

Dr. Matthew Betts is a professor and Ruth Spaniol Chair of Natural Resources Conservation in the Dept. of Forest Ecosystems and Society in the College of Forestry at Oregon State University, where he has taught both undergraduates and graduates about forest biodiversity and management for 15 years. Dr. Betts completed his undergraduate degree and PhD in forest science at the University of New Brunswick and conducted his postdoctoral research at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire where he conducted research in population and molecular ecology. Dr. Betts’s research focuses on plant and animal responses to forest management activities at local, regional, and global scales. He is the lead investigator for the Oregon Intensive Forest Management project, Lead Scientist for the HJ Andrews Long-term Ecological Research Program ( His work is primarily funded by the National Institute for Food and Agriculture and the National Science Foundation.

Forest Management and Conservation as a Bulwark Against Climate Change

This session will discuss the role of forest structure in mediating the effects of microclimate and the development of thermal refugia. As a test case, we will report on recent results showing that microclimate affects long-term population trends of forest-associated bird species.

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