2022 SNAP Roundtable - State Reports

In-person Roundtable in Duluth, MN - September 7, 2022
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State Natural Areas Program (SNAP) Roundtable - STATE REPORTS

State Natural Areas Programs (SNAP) were among the first entities to protect natural areas in North America. For over 50 years, NAA has fostered a state agency programs community where practitioners and academics could share information, techniques, methodologies, good science and even moral support. NAA knows that collaboration is essential to the preservation of natural areas, and that it is important that colleagues become resources to each other.  

The 2022 SNAP Roundtable - State Program Reports will be in-person, and participation in the roundtable is open to everyone attending the 2022 Natural Areas Conference, September 6-9, in Duluth, MN. State Natural Areas Program State Reports are an opportunity for practitioners to share some highlights, challenges, and achievements with people who understand this important work. ANYONE WHO WISHES TO PRESENT A STATE REPORT MUST SUBMIT A PRE-RECORDED PRESENTATION IN ADVANCE. Pre-recorded reports will ensure maximum time for discussion and information-sharing.

Check out the SNAP State Report Guidelines. The deadline for pre-recorded state reports is Friday, August 26.

What is a Pre-Recorded State Natural Areas Program State Report?

A pre-recorded State Program Report is a five minute, pre-recorded, video that offers a brief overview of your state program including size and scope, as well as some of the highlights and challenges faced. (Please see the suggested PowerPoint Template Outline below.) Following each presentation there will be a short time for Q&A, and an Open Discussion segment of the meeting at the end. All pre-recorded videos must be submitted by Friday, August 26.

All times listed in Central Time (CDT)
4:00pm - 4:15pm
Welcome & Agenda Overview
Facilitator: Mike Leahy, Chair, State Natural Areas Program Committee & Natural Community Ecologist, Missouri Department of  Conservation
4:15pm - 5:45pm
Pre-recorded State Report Presentations & Live Discussion
This session will feature seven to ten pre-recorded state reports with five minutes of facilitated discussion following each   presentation.
5:45pm - 6:00pm
Open Forum
Need input from your peers? Now is the time to share an idea, challenge or new approach!

Presenter Resources

  • DOWNLOAD State Natural Areas Program Report Guidelines.

  • INSTRUCTIONS for recording on Zoom.

  • DOWNLOAD the State Program Report PPT Template here. For your convenience, we have developed a SNAP State Program Report PPT Template. Feel free to use this one or your state agency template. Please be sure to right click - download the Google Slide deck before editing. The Google Slide deck will automatically convert to a PPT template when downloaded. 

  • UPLOAD the recording of your State Program Report here. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS - FRIDAY, AUGUST 26, 2022

Presentation Guidelines
Slide 1:SNAP Graphic
Slide 2:Cover slide - State Program Name, Presenter Name, Date, Natural Area Photo.
Slide 3:Structure & Scope - How is your state program structured? Number of acres protected? Number of natural areas owned/managed? Number of staff? Number of Volunteers? 
Slides 4 & 5:Photos and highlights of a few notable natural areas in your state.
Slide 6:Describe some of the "wins" for your program since 2018.
Slide 7:Describe some of the challenges for your program or the areas you manage.
Slide 8:Are there any emerging issues or areas of concern you would like to discuss with colleagues today or at a future SNAP Roundtable?
Slide 9:Conclusion & contact information.
Slide 10:Thank you slide with NAA Graphic

All pre-recorded videos would be submitted in advance. Presenters have the option to either record the video themselves or schedule an appointment with an NAA staff member who will record the presentation for you. 

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Moira McGinty Klos, mmcgintyklos@naturalareas.com

Thank you again for participating! We look forward to learning more about your State Natural Areas Program!


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