About the NAA Awards


Many natural areas professionals labor tirelessly for years—even their entire careers—to conserve natural areas.

As an organization dedicated to supporting this community, it’s important to recognize and celebrate the people and organizations that have made exceptional contributions to stewarding natural areas.

We present two annual awards, the George B. Fell award, and Carl N. Becker award, to shine light on those worthy of recognition—those who have significantly advocated for and advanced research, methods or policy approaches for better identification and protection of natural areas.

Each year, we honor award recipients during the Natural Areas Conference. You can nominate candidates during the nomination period, which usually begins in the spring.

Nominations for the 2018 awards are now open. Nominations for the George B. Fell or Carl N. Becker Award will close on May 18.

Martin Blaney and Sylvia Taylor, winners of the 2015 Becker and Fell Awards



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